We’ve been focusing on helping around Metro Manila last year. This year 2020, part of our mission is to help and extend assistance to a community that badly needs help.

Why did choose the Aeta Community?

I’ve been to this community before and I witnessed their daily routine. It seems like for them, eating twice a day is already a blessing. Their daily meal is something that they can get around them like sweet potato ( Kamote), fish, or anything available for them.

After visiting them I became aware of how marginalized the community was. I also realized that many indigenous communities lack basic needs, such as light, water, education, and sustainable livelihood.

Giving is better than receiving because giving starts the receiving process.

Jim Rohn

We’ve been preparing our gifts since January 1, and we are all excited to see them soon. This Saturday, I will conduct an ocular visit to know more about their needs and to talk to them personally.

We thank those people who extended their help to make this event possible. Remember that helping us with our mission means ” A BIG BLESSING” awaits for you and your family.